IAP – For Immediate Release: Big Tech Hearing Shows Answer to Combatting Monopoly Power

July 31, 2020

Big Tech Hearing Shows Antitrust Law Enforcement is the Only Answer to Combatting Monopoly Power

CEOs Refuse Responsibility for Violating Privacy Rights, Censoring Conservatives

WASHINGTON, DC — Today’s House Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee hearing with the CEOs of Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple was intended to hold those massive companies accountable, but little new information was learned from the testimony.

“Consumers worried about how their data is being used or if they will be censored found no reassurance at today’s hearing,” said Internet Accountability Project (IAP) founder and president Mike Davis. “Businesses who feel they have been mistreated by these companies in the online marketplace cannot feel any better about basic fairness and transparency as they compete with these huge and powerful companies. The obvious conclusion that these companies constitute monopolies who control online marketplaces and social media platforms is undeniable. There is no need for new antitrust legislation. Current law requires the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission to enforce antitrust laws in the private sector. Consumers should demand this law-enforcement power be used to protect consumers and businesses who simply want a safe and fair marketplace.”

IAP is the only conservative group that is holding Big Tech accountable for their profiting from human-sex trafficking, revenge-porn, the opioid epidemic and drug addiction, terrorism, and other forms of human misery, along with engaging in egregious business practices like snooping, spying, political bias against conservatives, employee abuses, and anticompetitive conduct.

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