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The Denver Gazette: Conservatives Question True Motives Of Biden’s DHS Disinformation Board

The Denver Gazette Conservatives who oppose the controversial Disinformation Governance Board doubt the Biden administration’s claims that it is narrowly focused on foreign threats and not censorship, saying the board would then be housed by a different federal agency. The Biden administration says the Department of Homeland Security’s new disinformation board is focused on noncontroversial foreign threats that both parties […]

Daily Signal: What Should Be Done About Big Tech Censorship? Panelists Disagree

Daily Signal Panelists at a discussion of censorship by Big Tech agreed it was a grave threat to the American republic, but they clashed over what to do about it.  “What these platforms are doing is not right,” said Niam Yaraghi, an assistant professor of business technology at the University of Miami and a Brookings […]

American Greatness: Chamber Of Commerce’s Congressional Influence Declining Over Big Tech

American Greatness After over 100 years, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is beginning to see its influence in Congress wane after the group came out in support of Big Tech, leading to many Republicans criticizing the Chamber and its lobbying efforts. As the New York Post reports, the 110-year-old Chamber of Commerce – once one of the […]

New York Post: Republicans Trash Chamber Of Commerce Over Big Tech Lobbying

New York Post The US Chamber of Commerce has jumped into the political fight over Big Tech — and the group’s staunch opposition to antitrust reform is alienating many Republicans in Congress, The Post has learned. While America’s biggest and best-funded business lobby once enlisted Republicans to defend oil and tobacco companies against their Democratic […]

“It Really Is A Great Day For Free Speech” – Will Chamberlain to OAN about Musk’s Twitter Purchase

Will Chamberlain to Newsmax: The Left Has Completely Lost Its Commitment to Free Speech

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