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Ian Prior Discusses The Censorship Of Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe On The Brian Mudd Show

LISTEN: Josh Hammer Joins Tim O’Brien On Shaping The Opinion To Discuss What to Do About Big Tech and Section 230

ICYMI: Forbes: Reactions To Rep. Maxine Waters’ Calls To “Stay In The Street”

Lawyer Will Chamberlain, senior counsel at the Internet Accountability Project and the Article 3 Project, voiced his concern on social media and called for such action, “Maxine Waters must be – at a minimum – stripped of all her committee assignments.” Read more.

ICYMI: Free Beacon: Justice Thomas Suggests Section 230 May Be Unconstitutional

Santi Ruiz | April 5, 2021 “Justice Thomas is right: Big Tech’s massive power to deliver and control the information flow in America gives it ‘common carrier’ status,” said Mike Davis, founder of the anti-230 Internet Accountability Project. Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter “have a different responsibility than other companies—the responsibility to avoid viewpoint discrimination […]

ICYMI: The Epoch Times: Sen. Hawley’s Bill to Break Up Big Corporations Praised and Panned on Right

Mark Tapscott | April 14, 2021 The Hawley proposal drew praise from Internet Accountability Project (IAP) Founder and President Mike Davis. “Senator Hawley’s ‘Trust Busting for The Twenty-First Century Act’ is the type of bold leadership and smart legislation this country so desperately needs,” Davis said in a statement. “Senator Hawley’s commonsense bill introduces the hard […]

LISTEN: Mike Davis Joins Stacy On The Right To Discuss Big Tech Censorship

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