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WATCH: Mike Davis Talks Censorship on One America News Network

Insta Pundit: Thumbs Down on Big Tech Reform

“But Mike Davis of the Internet Accountability Project (IAP) says the package is little more than a big win for Silicon Valley: “’The Judiciary Committee frameworks create a private right of action for Americans to vindicate their rights when Big Tech infringes upon them. Under this framework, Americans will be given ‘the chance to sue the tech […]

Fox News: Rep. Ken Buck says Republicans shouldn’t take Big Tech donations or be ‘influenced’ by massive companies

Buck is in a group of conservative Republicans and progressive Democrats who want to take on Big Tech in legislation “Rep. Ken Buck said Friday that Republicans should not take donations from Big Tech, in order to avoid the appearance that they are being influenced by the massive corporations. But the Colorado Republican tread very carefully when […]

POLITICO: Knifes Out

New antitrust overhaul proposals from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) are facing pushback from fellow conservatives, who say the two lawmakers’ vision for wrangling the biggest tech companies could actually empower Silicon Valley. A document circulating among conservatives on K Street and on Capitol Hill — authored in part by Mike Davis, a former Senate GOP […]

The Federalist: Conservatives Agree Big Tech Is A Problem, But Split On The Right Solution

“The growing tenor on the right is that Big Tech needs to be held accountable for its censorship of conservative and religious viewpoints. Censorship is not the only issue. Conservatives are increasingly recognizing other harms caused by Big Tech, including our children’s declining mental health, the violent crimes of sex trafficking and online child exploitation, […]

ICYMI: Jim Jordan’s Section 230 Bill Won’t Bring Back Donald Trump

By: Craig Parshall and Jon Schweppe Newsweek Conservative activists across the country are demanding action from Congress to rein in the power of Big Tech and stop online censorship. There are a number of ways to do that. Many Republicans, like Colorado Congressman Ken Buck, point to the recent bipartisan antitrust bills in the House […]

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