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Austin American-Statesman: Google’s Misuse Of Data, Suppression Of Conservative Speech Must Stop

Austin American-Statesman Texans should be very concerned about Google’s use of consumer data and privacy policies that are disguised by indecipherable legalese. New evidence and investigations have revealed much regarding Google’s data collection and its abuse of such information.   Alarming evidence reveals how Google is providing the Federal Government information about users who search for particular terms. Imagine being […]

Internet Accountability Project’s Davis: Big Tech Is ‘Threat to Conservative Movement’

NewsBusters As Congress proposes more tech-regulating bills, the head of the Internet Accountability Project said Big Tech platforms’ “unchallenged growth is a threat to the conservative movement.” The Internet Accountability Project (IAP) aims “to lend a conservative voice to the calls for federal and state governments to rein in Big Tech before it’s too late.” Congressional regulation […]

Washington Times: Elizabeth Warren sicced SEC on Trump’s social media start-up deal

Washington Times Former President Donald Trump’s social media startup is in Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s crosshairs. The Massachusetts Democrat urged the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate the Trump Media & Technology Group’s merger agreement with Digital World Acquisition Corp., a special purpose acquisition company or SPAC.  Ms. Warren is no fan of SPACs, having […]

New Twitter CEO de-prioritizes free speech in favor of addressing ‘harm’

Washington Examiner The appointment of Parag Agrawal as the CEO of Twitter has alarmed conservatives because of his statements that he does not prioritize free speech and that his platform is not neutral when it comes to content. At the same time, though, technology industry insiders expect that based on Agrawal’s engineering background, he will […]

WATCH: Mike Davis Talks Amazon and Data Privacy with Sinclair

Sinclair: Tech expert advocates for privacy legislation following report on Amazon data gathering

Sinclair WASHINGTON (SBG)- Mike Davis, President of the Internet Accountability Project sat down with The National Desk to talk about the new Reuters report saying Amazon is taking consumer data. “Big tech-they gather as much data they can about our movements, our searches, what we’re looking at online, how long we’re looking at it online and they […]

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