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Just the News: Mike Davis believes Jim Jordan has no intention of holding Big Tech accountable

Just the News Mike Davis says he doubts House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan will hold Big Tech accountable for its abuse of power for colluding with the federal government. “Jim Jordan has no intention of actually holding big tech accountable,” Davis said on the Wednesday edition of the “Just the News, No Noise” TV […]

Fox News: Conservatives worry GOP will go soft on Big Tech after Jim Jordan’s surprise committee decision

Fox News House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan’s appointment of Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., to lead the antitrust subcommittee instead of Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo., is causing some conservatives to question how effective the House will be in reining in Big Tech. Jordan, R-Ohio, announced last week that Massie would chair the Subcommittee on the Administrative State, […]

Josh Hammer Joined Maria Bartiromo to Discuss the Twitter Files, the Biden Crime Family, and More

The Washington Times: Rep. Massie takes over key antitrust panel as GOP girds for Big Tech battle

The Washington Times Rep. Thomas Massie is taking charge of the House’s influential panel for antitrust policy, putting the Kentucky Republican known as a fierce free-market defender in a key position to determine how the GOP pursues a crackdown against Big Tech companies. Mr. Massie succeeds Rep. Ken Buck, Colorado Republican, a stalwart Big Tech […]

The Washington Free Beacon: Groups on Google Payroll Flood Supreme Court With Briefs Defending Google

The Washington Free Beacon Dozens of groups that have financial ties to Google are filing amicus briefs to the Supreme Court as it deliberates whether the tech giant should be held liable for content posted on its platforms. They all just so happen to be advocating for a ruling that benefits Google. Nearly 40 nonprofits, […]

Bloomberg: Big Tech Antitrust Push In Congress Is Blunted By GOP-Led House

Bloomberg The new GOP House majority is turning away from last year’s bipartisan efforts to rein in the dominance of the largest tech companies with a change in leadership on a key panel. The House Judiciary Committee on Friday announced Kentucky Republican Thomas Massie, a rigid libertarian, will serve as the head of the antitrust […]

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