IAP Applauds House Passage of Big Tech Antitrust Bills

September 29, 2022

WASHINGTON – Mike Davis, Founder and President of the Internet Accountability Project (IAP), today issued the following statement after the House of Representatives passed a series of Big Tech antitrust bills included in H.R.3843.

“The House took a major first step to strengthen our antitrust laws in the ongoing fight against Big Tech and its overwhelming power over our lives, livelihoods, and country. This series of antitrust bills would give the U.S. government and state Attorneys General the tools needed to go after Big Tech and hold bad actors accountable. For too long, Big Tech has leveraged its unchallenged market power to crush competitors and cancel conservatives. The Senate must now act and pass these and other Big Tech antitrust bills that would finally put a check on trillion-dollar Silicon Valley monopolists. The time for tough talk from conservatives is over. How Members of Congress vote on these bills reveals where they really stand in the fight against Big Tech.”

The Merger Filing Fee Modernization Act updates the system that provides federal law enforcement with the financial resources needed to take on trillion-dollar Big Tech monopolists that use their unlimited resources to break the law and get away with it. Despite inaccurate claims from critics, the bill does not grant additional funds to the FTC or DOJ, preserving the role of future Congresses to appropriate funds as needed. The State Antitrust Enforcement Venue Act would empower Attorneys General to sue in their home state courts and end the practice of allowing Big Tech companies to pick and choose more favorable courts to escape accountability. The Foreign Merger Subsidy Disclosure Act gives the appropriate agencies the tools to determine if companies may potentially act in a monopolistic fashion with the financial backing of foreign funds and subsidies.

IAP launched its Big Tech War Room earlier this year, laying out the case for the break-up of Big Tech.

The Internet Accountability Project is a conservative grassroots advocacy organization that opposes Big Tech and seeks to hold these companies accountable for their bad acts.


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