Mike Davis in Townhall: Ken Buck: Proven Conservative for Colorado

July 8, 2021


Mike Davis

Just a few months into President Biden’s presidency, we’re already getting a very grim look into the challenges everyday Americans are going to face over the next four years. Biden is explicitly cutting American jobs, funding corrupt and unaccountable international organizations, handcuffing the oil and gas industry, and undermining our country’s economic competitiveness abroad.

President Trump consistently prioritized Americans over the political pressures to kowtow to other countries’ interests. President Trump values American lives and livelihoods over political agendas, and his agenda lifted millions out of poverty.

Among the elected officials from Colorado, no one was a stronger supporter of President Trump’s pro-American agenda than Rep. Ken Buck. From Day One, Rep. Buck was a stalwart supporter of conservative policies that fought to protect American jobs, advance economic opportunities for every American, and bridge social, educational, and economic divides across America.

And his record backs him up.

According to conservative accountability scorecards created by Heritage Action for America (98 percent) and the American Conservative Union Foundation (96 percent), Rep. Buck is a steadfast voice for conservative values.

As big tech companies silence conservatives, Rep. Buck is on the frontlines, fighting for accountability.

When leftists attacked the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which enacted sweeping tax reform for all Americans, Rep. Buck was there supporting its passage.

When Democrats gained the majority in the House in 2018, Rep. Buck led efforts to protect unborn children and opposed anti-life policies.

Then, leading up to and following the 2020 presidential election, Rep. Buck stood by Trump’s efforts to ensure our electoral system was held to the highest standard of accountability. Even before the election took place, Rep. Buck voiced his deep concern with last-minute court decisions that circumvented state legislatures’ authority to create election laws. These and other election irregularities were present even before November 3, and Rep. Buck used his platform to raise the alarm over these biased rulings.

No one contests that the November election was a mess. As we’re all familiar, the pre-election concerns with vulnerabilities came to life after the election. Partisan and biased election officials chose to undermine the very mechanisms of accountability they swore to protect by kicking election watchers out of vote counting centers, accepting ballots after they were legally allowed, and other serious violations.

And Rep. Buck was there by Trump’s side as the President fought for justice and accountability. On December 10, Rep. Buck introduced a House resolution supporting the President’s efforts to ensure only legal votes were counted. And when an opportunity arose for Rep. Buck to take further action, he did not hesitate, signing onto the amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to hear the Texas v. Pennsylvania case.

I maintain my serious concerns about improper election administration in several states. In a Democrat-controlled government, I’m very skeptical they’ll allow any sort of serious debate or investigation to occur. However, I am still confident in Rep. Buck’s principled conservatism in Congress. While there are many Republicans who have compromised their values in the swamp, Rep. Buck is not among them.

Mike Davis is a Colorado resident of more than ten years who previously clerked for Supreme Court Justice Neil Goruch of Colorado and who currently leads several grassroots conservative advocacy organizations.

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