Josh Hammer Op-Ed for American Compass: “What To Do After Big Tech’s Pearl Harbor Attack on the New York Post”

October 26, 2020

As of this writing, the New York Post, the nation’s fourth-largest newspaper, has been locked out of its own Twitter account for almost two weeks. It is not entirely obvious why. But what we do know is that, to date, neither Joe nor Hunter Biden has denied the veracity of the Post‘s divulged “Hunter files” email trove that spawned the joint Facebook-Twitter censorship spree against the Post and those who helped promote the Post‘s reporting.

Much has already been written about the unprecedented nature of this Big Tech assault—sordid corporate malfeasance that, as I wrote in my own Post column about the imbroglio, “appears to any reasonable observer to be a deliberate, partisan attempt to quash a prospective ‘October surprise’ and elevate one particular presidential candidate over ­another.” Progressive bias famously pervades these tech giants’ various algorithms—something a great many of us have known for years. The difference, rather, seems to be the emboldened brazenness with which Big Tech now seems content to act. Whereas previous misdeeds were oftentimes carried out in more clandestine fashion, the Facebook-Twitter “Pearl Harbor attack” against the Post represents the apogee of a period of escalating public aggression.

The reality we on the Right face is straightforward: Conservatives must forge a viable path forward on Big Tech, or conservatives risk losing our political relevance.

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