The Washington Post: Government has key role in tech investing, Google board member says

August 17, 2022

Washington Post

In a Wednesday letter shared exclusively with The Technology 202, a coalition of conservative advocacy groups urged Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to push for President Biden to fill an upcoming FTC vacancy with someone that has shown “a willingness to take on the unchecked power of the most powerful Big Tech companies.”

Republican Commissioner Noah Phillips recently announced he plans to step down from the agency in the fall, creating a void that — as we reported last week — may reveal how aggressively Republicans will target tech giants like Google and Facebook going forward. The president nominates commissioners but traditionally consults with or even defers to leaders from the opposing party when filling slots on their side of the aisle.

In the letter, the groups said the FTC has “often failed” to rein in tech companies’ anti-competitive conduct and privacy violations, and urged McConnell to turn the tides by making sure an aggressive enforcer is “prioritized.” The letter did not specify individual candidates the groups back.

“The bipartisan FTC cabal that has emboldened Big Tech for over a decade must be broken,” wrote the conservative advocacy groups, which included the American Principles Project, Heritage Action, the Internet Accountability Project, the Center for Renewing America and the Bull Moose Project. 

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