The Washington Times: Rep. Massie takes over key antitrust panel as GOP girds for Big Tech battle

January 30, 2023

The Washington Times

Rep. Thomas Massie is taking charge of the House’s influential panel for antitrust policy, putting the Kentucky Republican known as a fierce free-market defender in a key position to determine how the GOP pursues a crackdown against Big Tech companies.

Mr. Massie succeeds Rep. Ken Buck, Colorado Republican, a stalwart Big Tech critic who previously worked on the House Judiciary Committee with Democrats on legislation aimed at diminishing major companies’ market dominance. The subcommittee is part of the judiciary panel, on which both members serve.

Mr. Massie has long opposed government intervention as the best answer to breaking up Big Tech power.

Some of Mr. Buck’s conservative allies criticized the selection of Mr. Massie to lead the panel. Internet Accountability Project founder Mike Davis said the move was the result of Mr. Jordan and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy fawning over Big Tech.

“McCarthy and Jordan, along with their top advisers, are bought off by Big Tech,” Mr. Davis said. “Truly shameful.”

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