The Washington Times: Justice Department Launches Antitrust Lawsuit At Google, Says It ‘Corrupted Legitimate Competition’

January 25, 2023

The Washington Times

The Justice Department filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google on Tuesday that accuses the internet search giant of unlawfully bullying competitors that challenge its dominance in the digital advertising marketplace.

The lawsuit, which has the potential to break up Google’s massive advertising business, was joined by eight states including California, New York, Colorado and Virginia.

That case is continuing. Some conservative supporters of the Trump-era action, including conservative Internet Accountability Project founder Mike Davis, cheered President Biden’s team.

Mr. Davis said the Justice Department’s lawsuit represented a step in the right direction and that Congress should follow up with an overhaul of antitrust law. He praised the Biden administration’s antitrust division chief at the Justice Department.

“There’s not much the Biden administration is doing right, but enforcement of federal antitrust laws is one area on which we agree,” Mr. Davis said in a statement. “Big Tech monopolists like Google have far too much control over the digital ad market because they engage in unfair, anticompetitive and illegal practices.”

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