The Tennessee Star: Internet Accountability Project Accuses Big Tech of Siding with Russia

March 4, 2022

The Tennessee Star

A Big Tech watchdog group is speaking out about the way Silicon Valley’s titans of industry have handled the war between Russia and Ukraine.

“Apparently these Big Tech monopolists find everyday conservative Americans more objectionable than murderous foreign dictators,” Mike Davis, founder and president of the Internet Accountability Project (IAP) told The Tennessee Star Thursday. “They’re willing to silence and censor political voices with which they disagree while welcoming war criminals like Putin with open arms. That alone should be enough to recognize these Big Tech monopolists are not our friends.”

Big Tech is known for its censorship of American conservatives.

Davis spoke with The Star on the heels of a press release that the group released Wednesday.

In the release, Davis said the following:

“Vladimir Putin and his violent propaganda henchmen continue to use American Big Tech platforms to encourage genocide and war crimes against Ukrainians. Yet they remain active users on multiple American social media platforms, including YouTube and Twitter, that regularly ban conservative users and elected officials for so-called ‘disinformation.’ This is especially outrageous and hypocritical considering Google’s YouTube banned Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny at Putin’s request. Big Tech argues its interests are aligned with American national security interests, yet they continue to allow our enemies to exploit their platforms and services while they silence and de-platform conservatives exercising their free speech rights.”

Read the full article HERE.

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