The Epoch Times: James Baker May Face ‘Serious Ethics Charges’ For Vetting ‘Twitter Files’ Without Musk’s Knowledge, Says Expert

December 12, 2022

The Epoch Times

James Baker, the former Twitter attorney who was recently ousted by Elon Musk due to his alleged involvement in suppressing information, may end up facing ethics charges, according to Mike Davis, founder and president of advocacy organization Article III Project (A3P).

In an interview with NTD, Davis pointed out that Baker was a top appointee in the Obama Justice Department, worked as the General Counsel of the FBI, and after being fired from the agency became a top lawyer at Twitter. At the social media firm, Baker was “working with the FBI” and “suppressing” the New York Post’s reporting about the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, an issue which had an impact on the 2020 presidential election, Davis stated.

During the NTD interview, Davis pointed out that Baker’s involvement in vetting the Twitter Files means there was a “conflict of interest” where he is reviewing his own files that are damaging to him personally, and thus, working against his clients. “And if that’s the case, he faces serious ethics charges as an attorney for Twitter,” Davis said.

Davis also raised the possibility of Baker being part of the 51 former intelligence officials who came out to dismiss the New York Post story about Hunter Biden as a Russian hoax. He hopes the recent disclosures get to the “bottom of this.”

This could show that the FBI is “rotten to the core” and that they are “partisan, they are advocating for Democratic candidates and when the other side screams about democracy, that means that they’re the ones who are going against democracy.”

“When you have the FBI colluding with big tech to censor, silence, deplatform, cancel conservatives and others with whom they disagree, we have a major First Amendment problem.”

Davis called the situation the “biggest scandal” that America has seen in a long time which makes the Democrat’s Russia collusion hoax “pale in comparison.”

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