The Daily Caller: Big Tech Could See A Big Shake-Up In This Major Court Case

September 12, 2023

The Daily Caller

Google is set to go to trial Tuesday as the Department of Justice (DOJ) targets the company with allegations that it violated antitrust law, which could affect Big Tech’s dominance and lead to a breakup of the tech giant.

“Competition and innovation are as American as it gets, and Google has done everything it can to stifle both for decades now,” Mike Davis, founder and president of the Internet Accountability Project (IAP), told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “If Google is found to be in violation of antitrust laws, the free market and all its creativity will be allowed to flourish once again. Google would be held accountable under federal antitrust law for the first time in the company’s history, a major moment in the fight against Big Tech.”

“Big Tech’s strategy likely doesn’t change, win or lose,” Davis told the DCNF. “For decades, the oligarchs running Big Tech have spent tens of millions of dollars to lobby congressmen and senators to affect legislative outcomes that benefit their deep pockets. Should Google prevail, Congress should expect to hear from IAP and other conservative organizations to push for legislation to rein in all Big Tech platforms before it is too late. But for the sake of the free market, freedom online, and technology at large, we should all be hoping for a DOJ win against Google.”

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