The College Fix: Instagram bans Auburn club after it promotes March for Life

November 1, 2022

The College Fix

Instagram permanently suspended an Auburn University pro-life student group’s account after it posted a graphic to promote the March for Life, an annual event in D.C. that calls for the end of abortion.

The College Fix checked Auburn Students for Life’s account on October 31 and confirmed it is still banned, two weeks after Young America’s Foundation first reported on the punishment.

The Big Tech company notified Students for Life at Auburn University that its account would be banned for failure to adhere to “Community Guidelines on business integrity.”

The silencing of pro-life organizations by Big Tech is nothing news, according to one advocacy group.

“Pro-life groups and those that aren’t aligned with the marching orders of the far-left Big Tech oligarchs are censored far too often,” Internet Accountability Project President Mike Davis told The Fix.

“The only way to hold Big Tech accountable for their actions is to break them up and allow for more competition in the marketplace, and thus, more free and fair debate,” the former Senate Judiciary Committee counsel told The Fix.

The IAP founder also said that healthy back-and-forth dialogue doesn’t exist in Big Tech.

“Currently, there is no room for debate on these platforms, and if you try to debate, you’re shut down before a point comes across,” Davis said.

He encouraged groups that have experienced censorship to push back on big tech.

“Censored groups must continue to fight back against this tyranny from Big Tech and never let a suspension shut them down, since Big Tech’s ultimate goal is for a one-party state,” Davis said in his emailed comments.

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