Sinclair: Tech expert advocates for privacy legislation following report on Amazon data gathering

November 24, 2021


WASHINGTON (SBG)- Mike Davis, President of the Internet Accountability Project sat down with The National Desk to talk about the new Reuters report saying Amazon is taking consumer data.

“Big tech-they gather as much data they can about our movements, our searches, what we’re looking at online, how long we’re looking at it online and they take that data, and they sell it to advertisers. So, we are the commodity,” said Davis.

Our iPhone or Android phone he suggests is the thing we use the most that could be the most invasive. He says Big Tech can track our data through our location second by second.

When it comes to securing our data, we must break up the Big Tech model, Davis says. He says the next step is to have bipartisan support for legislation to support Americans’ privacy.

“It is really important that those two bills pass, the Merger Bill and the Non-Discrimination Bill, that are in the Senate right now, that can take care of a lot of these problems. Republicans and Democrats need to come together and support these bills and others and finally reign in Big Tech,” Davis said.

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Unlike the Big Tech monopolies, the Internet Accountability Project pledges to never sell or share your personal information, which is your property.