New York Post: Twitter censors Post Editorial Board member for months

July 5, 2022

New York Post

A New York Post Editorial Board member has been blocked by Twitter for months, in what he says is punishment for the paper’s decision to publish Hunter Biden’s hard drive.

“I think they are being spiteful,” said Michael Benjamin, 64. “Like this guy works at The Post and we’re not going to accommodate him no matter what he says.”

Benjamin — a former state Assemblyman and a registered Democratic — was booted from Twitter in March after tweeting a sarcastic quip about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to his 7,200 followers.

“I’m being picked on by Twitter because I work for a conservative news outlet,” he said.

Benjamin landed in Twitter jail on March 13, when he suggested President Biden ramp up support for Ukraine in its fight against Russia.

Another commenter suggested the United States “wait out” Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine and withhold US aid — prompting Benjamin to sarcastically reply, “Of course, only Ukrainians need die.”

Moments later he was zapped for violating Twitter’s rules against “hateful” conduct.

Will Chamberlain, an attorney for the non-profit Internet Accountability Project, decried the treatment of Benjamin as “Soviet.”

“Hopefully this is something that Elon Musk will address when he takes over the company,” he said.

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