Mike Davis quoted in Washington Free Beacon

December 30, 2020

The lawsuit demands correspondences that mention either Section 230 or certain conservatives who support the administration’s anti-tech efforts, including Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center, Mike Davis of the Internet Accountability Project, and the Conservative Partnership Institute’s Bovard.

Bovard is also a fellow at Defense Priorities, a Koch-funded military-restraint group. Davis works with Koch groups on a range of issues, including judicial confirmations and criminal-justice reform.

Releasing the requested records could foment conflict on the right, so the incoming Biden administration will have little reason to resist AFPF’s lawsuit. That’s an especially sore point for certain conservatives who say Koch groups are all too willing to work with Democrats to punish conservatives.

“The Koch network has gone through a strange leftwing transformation under President Trump,” Davis told the Free Beacon. “They’ve partnered with George Soros on foreign policy, they’ve funded Democrat congressional candidates, and now they proudly identify as watchdogs that target conservatives on behalf of Google.”

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