Just the News: Mike Davis believes Jim Jordan has no intention of holding Big Tech accountable

February 3, 2023

Just the News

Mike Davis says he doubts House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan will hold Big Tech accountable for its abuse of power for colluding with the federal government.

“Jim Jordan has no intention of actually holding big tech accountable,” Davis said on the Wednesday edition of the “Just the News, No Noise” TV show. “He pretends like he is fighting against Big Tech, but behind the scenes he’s making these key decisions like opposing bipartisan reforms last Congress and appointing someone who is pro Big Tech.”

According to Davis, Congressman Buck championed six bipartisan antitrust bills that got through the House regarding Big Tech, but that GOP leadership, such as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Jordan, were of no help and seemed to be against it.

“The problem is that House Republican leadership is too beholden to Big Tech,” Davis stated. “They take too much of Big Tech’s money, their staff has a revolving door with Big Tech, their advisors have a revolving door with Big Tech and they do Big Tech’s bidding.”

Davis specifically accused Rep. Jordan of doing bidding for Big Tech.

“I don’t think Jim Jordan’s even trying to hide it anymore that he is doing Big Tech’s bidding.” 

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