ICYMI: The Epoch Times: Sen. Hawley’s Bill to Break Up Big Corporations Praised and Panned on Right

April 14, 2021

Mark Tapscott | April 14, 2021

The Hawley proposal drew praise from Internet Accountability Project (IAP) Founder and President Mike Davis.

“Senator Hawley’s ‘Trust Busting for The Twenty-First Century Act’ is the type of bold leadership and smart legislation this country so desperately needs,” Davis said in a statement.

“Senator Hawley’s commonsense bill introduces the hard reset Congress must enact to save the free market from abusive trillion-dollar Big Tech monopolists and other giant woke corporations attempting to exert too much power and control over our lives.

“For too long, through antitrust amnesty and Section 230 immunity, Google has been allowed to exert too much influence through its control over the internet. Along with Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter, they continue to censor conservatives, violate our privacy and crush their competition at all costs and without consequence.”

Davis is the former chief counsel to Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) when he was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He’s also a former aide to then-Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.), and law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, when he served on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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