Fox Business: Meta’s Threads app already facing backlash for ‘silencing’ conservatives days after launch

July 10, 2023

Fox Business

Social media giant Meta’s new “Twitter killer” Threads app is already facing backlash for appearing to censor conservative users, just days after its launch.

Meta’s new app that aims to take over parts of Twitter’s microblog market share hit the digital bazaar this week, garnering millions of signups shortly after launch.

It didn’t take long, though, for the new Meta platform to get accusations of censorship from conservatives.

Mike Davis, president of the Internet Accountability Project, said this “censorship on Day One from Threads isn’t surprising given Meta’s anti-free speech history.”

“Mark Zuckerberg’s businesses have a track record of silencing and de-platforming conservatives and conservative speech, so this was all too predictable,” Davis said. “That’s why competition is so important—so consumers have options.”

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